29 December 2006

Zbigniew Rybczynski

When I was a kid my parents used to rent me Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation which included Tango by Zbigniew Rybczynski. It's funny that the first video I ever cut was called Small Room Tango. This could have been an alternate title for Zbig's film. Zbig has to be the master of the blue screen.


Philipp said...

Wow! He surely is!
Why did he stop in 1992?

Gabriel said...

Apparently he didn't. Nonetheless I haven't heard of a feature coming from Zbig any time soon... Here is what his official site's bio says:

In 1992, Zbig completed work on the HD piece Kafka. Produced for Telemax of Paris as a part of their Audio/Visual Encyclopedia series, it won the 1992 Special Festival Prize at the International Electronic Cinema Festival Tokyo/Montreux and the Special Jury Award at the San Francisco International Festival 1993.

In period of 1994-2001 Rybczynski worked in Germany. At first in Berlin (CBF Studios), he was developing new production techniques in the areas of image compositing and motion control photography (he's an author of several innovative patents in that matter, as well as computer programs). Later in Cologne, he continued his research and was a Professor of Experimental Film in the Academy of Media Arts.

After several years of being involved in movie technology (such as motion control, optics, computer software) and other instructive workings, Zbig has made the decision to return to his passion: making movies. This was what brought him back to Los Angeles, where he now resides.

Thanks to many rewarding years of gaining knowledge and experience in the various artistic and technological aspects of filmmaking, Zbig firmly believes that the best is yet ahead of him. His dream is to collaborate with other filmmakers on creating attractive and ground-breaking films which - and he is convinced of this - will always be of interest to audiences worldwide.