02 January 2007


Peter Greenaway has always been ahead of the times. Today I just stumbled across his Tulse Luper project (Archive Promo Game)

His decision to drive the experiment with a character confirms suspicions I have had since I was at the Pictoplasma conference. While I worked videotaping lectures, performances and karaoke, I couldn't help feel a strong affinity for many of the designers and artists. It wasn't just because of my background in comics and illustration; there was a deeper structure that was revealed to me that could tie all artistic mediums together, both digital and analog. The character was serving artists like Tim Biskup (Helper) and Nathan Jurevicius (Scary Girl) as a means to tie together paintings, comics, animations, and collectible vinyl toys. You could say that for these artists merchandising was part of their approach towards being pervasive. I see quantum cinema as using characters as the particles which bind multiple universes and stories together across different mediums.

Now here is a picture of me dressed in a wooden Helper costume at Pictoplasma 2006:

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