08 February 2007

"Every Day"

Last week I was in Berlin visiting Transmediale and Club Transmediale, the twin events which ostensibly represent Germany's most cutting edge media art festivals. Unfortunately I admit I was quite disappointed with the work that I saw. Thank goodness this is the Transmediale chief curator's final year. Club Transmediale was better quality in general, with more exciting and relevant work, in my humble opinion.

During my visit I started reading The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. I have been thinking alot lately about time travellers and so I thought this video would be an appropriate starting point. Perhaps I will continue collecting other time travellers in the future.

Among other things I saw (and disliked) at Transmediale was a lame video called The Chronic Argonauts, apparently titled after an unused title for H. G. Wells' book. It unfortunately was not worthy of the distinction.

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