27 January 2009

DIY Nintendo Wii 3D Tracking Hack

Seems to me after watching this video that widespread 3D holographic effects are just around the corner. I wonder how difficult it would be to get this working with most webcams in most laptops, or if the necessary sensor technology could be embedded easily.

Thanks to Rigo for showing me this video :)


steventhecat said...

Yeah! Saw this video a few months ago and it really caught my interest. Simple but very clever implementation. Now we just need to convince the public at large that wearing glasses is cool!

/ Jonah

Gabriel Shalom said...

Here's another link about developments in traditional 3D in the UK, courtesy of my friend Rigo.

rektide said...

heres someone using their webcam for 3d. head tracking is pretty easy; the wiimote just makes it drop dead simple, but for webcams head tracking isnt a problem and eye tracking wont be far behind.

johnny chung lee is a cool guy, i love his automatic projector calibration. someone is using the exact same techniques to do general 3d mapping.

theo said...

Hey Gabe,
Like rektide said, you dont need to wear glasses and use IR to do head tracking, it just makes it faster and more precise. Check out my recent flash based face tracker at http://flashfacedetection.com