25 April 2007

Bill Viola Interview and Marc Aschenbrenner's Zweite Sonne

I like Bill Viola's comparison of video cameras to reindeer bones with notches cut into them. He is profound in his assertion that its the telling of stories and leaving of objects that is the fundamental activity of human existence.

I recently attended the Düsseldorf and Köln art fairs and it was transparently clear that the contemporary art world is dominated by a marketplace driven by the collection of objects. What little video I did see I found remarkably boring and derivative, with the exception of Zweite Sonne by Marc Aschenbrenner on exhibit at the Olaf Stüber Gallery booth in Köln. It exhibited a property I would like to associate with my slowly developing theory of Quantinuity; namely that it transported an otherwise virtual object into physical space. The video was projected inside a giant black plastic balloon-suit that also appears in the video itself as the central subject of the video.

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