19 April 2007

Eyeliner 3D

Is Eyeliner 3D really holography or just smoke and mirrors?
And does it even matter?

Given my background and formal education, as well as my admitted nostalgic love of certain masterpieces of celluloid cinema, it is challenging for me to conceive of my work in terms of depth. I have always been inclined to see 2-dimensional pictures in my head when imagining a story for a film. And I guess that's just it; proto-quantum cinema and/or live cinema are not really films at all; they may be "features" or even "feature-length" at times, but I am feeling more and more that the proto-quantum cinema will find its deepest roots in theater. Stumbling across technologies like Eyeliner 3D confirm this suspicion.

So while it may not be possible in my lifetime to realize true holographic projection (and certainly not nanopixels), several layers (perhaps as many in late-stage 32-bit video games) may be around the corner. The promise that these virtual layers of inszenierung may have for proto-quantum cinema may in fact cross the minimum thresholds of depth reconstruction necessary to truly define a new artform.

So do we really need absolute depth resolution? Or will foreground, midground and background (with some additional layers) suffice?