01 October 2009

Open Indie

Arin Crumley's new project OpenIndie.com looks like a great idea!


Arin Crumley said...

Thanks for posting Gabriel, part of what inspired me to persue openindie.com was you showing me the underground film scene in Berlin that really demonstrates that any space can work for a screening and it's more about community and people and coming together then about high fidelity and plush seats. Of course, both is cool too. A warehouse full of couches in-front of a super bad ass surround system, I don't doubt that exists though, just get to get all of those people involved in openindie.com. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to do that?

Gabriel Shalom said...

I agree that the intimacy of coming together to share the experience of a film with like-minded people can actually be more significant than whether the fidelity of the screening is high. I think to get more people involved with openindie.com you would have some success by doing little "case studies" of specific screenings that are held. I imagine a clip which documents a "good time had by all" feeling and includes some intelligent fragments of discussion combined with some stats on how much money/reputation/attention that screening generated for the filmmaker... Ultimately I guess the individual filmmakers need to be convinced that openindie.com is a good means for communicating to their audience, and that its not going to generate spam.