16 October 2009

Tesseracting in Action

Now let's see them grab the sound too!
Thanks to notthisbody for the link.

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rektide said...

Nice glove; I've always wanted hardware like that. Its DIY'able, but rarely pretty. There've been a long series of products promised, but none seem to materialize; its still that P5 looking brute thats the go-to glove. Of course, in the near future it'll be done without gloves, with just video capture/ video recognition.

As for tesseractors, I'm partial to the idea of being able to splice our desktop experiences. There's a 2003 email someone wrote to the gnome-desktop-devel list that explores the concept, and what it means. The paper is mostly framing, it doesnt get far in to how it would be used, but its a novel read: