17 December 2007

Johannes Krause & Max Neupert's Video Sampler

While the thesis of Johannes Krause & Max Neupert's Video Sampler is very convincing, this demo video only seems to barely scratch at the surface of the intention behind the software. I hope they get a new sequencer module video up soon!


As the blog is approaching its one-year anniversary I have decided to remove all the contributors who never managed to post a single entry.

01 December 2007

Excerpt from letter to Sven König

I was checking out your recent project .download finished! and I was pleased to see Small Room Tango made it into the fray of the early videos put through the process.

The process of stripping the video of its key frames and leaving only the delta frames behind suggests another aesthetic to me; one in which the materials to be processed are created with this in mind to craft a kind of "quantinuity" -- my word for describing my new formal theory of Quantum Continuity (as opposed to classical Hollywood Continuity) The particalization of the image into pixels is consistant with this theory in that it strips an edited sequence of images of their temporal edges. If one were to write their own compression algorithm which still wrote delta frames but didn't chunk pixels into blocky groups, perhaps this could create a "cleaner" effect? Although the chunks admittedly have a more "painterly" look -- if that's your thing...