26 October 2009

People Playing

Video games are the first stage in a plan for machines to help the human race, the only plan that offers a future for intelligence.

— Chris Marker, Sans Soleil 

16 October 2009

Tesseracting in Action

Now let's see them grab the sound too!
Thanks to notthisbody for the link.

08 October 2009

PhotoSketch: Another Tool for Atomizing the Frame

There's some great controversy stirred up over on Vimeo about whether this is fake or not. Regardless of whether it's legitimate science or great science fiction, this video is another beautifully clear example of how we are moving towards an object-oriented image making paradigm.

07 October 2009

Volumetrically Enhanced Dance Performance from United Visual Artists

This subtle and elegant dance performance from United Visual Artists uses some type of volumetric recording technique to generate a real-time object-oriented video backdrop. It's not surprising that the data points are being displayed in a similar aesthetic to the House of Cards video which I love talking about so much; photo-realistic data sets would be a burdensome load for a real-time or even non-real-time process.

Anyone have a prediction on how soon we'll see photo-realistic real-time volumetrics? Let's start a wager! ;)

Thanks to my friend and colleague Carsten Goertz for the link to the video!

04 October 2009

Object-Oriented Byproducts of Image/Video Manipulation

These technologies will simultaneously help increase the demand for volumetric cinematography while being made obsolete by its widespread arrival.

01 October 2009

Open Indie

Arin Crumley's new project OpenIndie.com looks like a great idea!