31 August 2009

Peaches "Take You On" vs. "Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc."

Two new videos revisit the aesthetics of an object-oriented moving image paradigm, this time in addressing the age-old dilemma of how to get more characters than usually physically possible into the same virtual space. For more background on my thoughts about object-oriented images, see this post from January where I discuss it with some other nifty examples.

Continuing a tradition of blue screen music videos reminiscent of the works of Zbig Rybczynski, the latest Peaches music video produced by Angie Reed is a sarcastic and entertaining solution to the puzzle created when a musician has multiple visual identities and a treasure trove of wacky costumes. The simulated 3D of the video allows us to access Peaches in all the glory of her various selves in the same Tron-inspired virtual space.

On a more hi-fi tip, utilizing Soho's best and brightest to do some super cool compositing and motion capture, Partizan and Chris Cairns present us the highly entertaining and vaguely Cunningham-ish "Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.". This videomusical composition also solves a similar 'how to get enough characters in the same space' dilemma, this time by removing their bodies and just leaving their heads!

Be sure to check out the Neurosonics Microsite for some behind-the-scenes photos.

05 August 2009

Soon Your Computer Will See You Always

This little demo of some webcam background removal and face tracking trickery from Chris Harrison is auspicious of things to come for the future of viewing moving images. As long as our viewing devices are flat we'll have these slightly compromised aesthetics. Reminiscent of the previously posted DIY Nintendo Wii 3D Tracking Hack.

Time Travel is Possible, Even in China

Christoph Rehage continues the infoviz practice of stopmotion time travel with his walk across China captured in poetic HD resolution photos. It would be cool if the text subtitles were optional like a DVD, the music were less goofy and the ending less schmalzy. But there is still something alluring about this guy's examination of self.

01 August 2009

Visions of Singularity

This Kevin Kelly TED talk has been a point of inspiration for me for several months. He outlines some paradigm shifting statistics that point towards a future with ever greater potential for disruptively unexpected events to occur.

How refreshingly sweet and optimistic, then, to see this lighthearted and hypernostalgic vision of a Singularity from the adorable video hipsters from Chicago, Grocerybag TV:

Full Text of the voiceover:

My life is an integrated circuit.
I am inside of my human body, but I don't feel it yet.
We all thought 2012 would be so much more dramatic...
Something religious... or sacred.
Things were more laughable back then.
Back when I was a text message.
We're going to be plugging in our brains soon and nothing will stop the human race from racing.
We'll all be inside containers chasing everything they put in front of us with a pretty logo on it.
It's the internet.
It exists and people are not going insane.