31 May 2009

26 May 2009

Stories Cull Writers from the World

"Writers imagine that they cull stories from the world. I'm beginning to believe that vanity makes them think so. That it's actually the other way around. Stories cull writers from the world. Stories reveal themselves to us. The public narrative, the private narrative - they colonize us. They commission us. They insist on being told. Fiction and nonfiction are only different techniques of story telling. For reasons that I don't fully understand, fiction dances out of me, and nonfiction is wrenched out by the aching, broken world I wake up to every morning.

The theme of much of what I write, fiction as well as nonfiction, is the relationship between power and powerlessness and the endless, circular conflict they're engaged in. John Berger, that most wonderful writer, once wrote: "Never again will a single story be told as though it's the only one." There can never be a single story. There are only ways of seeing."

Arundhati Roy
18 September 2002
Santa Fe, New Mexico

11 May 2009

Atomized Brazilian Literature

The easy-to-use interface of this project really can't be underestimated in terms of its importance in making the project a success. It is a good example of how designers will continue to play a bigger role in storytelling as narratives become byproducts of participatory frameworks.